St Catherines

St.Catherine's (WMT/EgB) was established in 2015 to provide a channel for the
continued participation in football and hurling for players from the Erin
go Bragh and Garda Westmanstown Gaels G.A.A. Clubs where a shortage of
numbers at a number of age groups meant that the clubs could not field
teams on their own accord.
This initiative has succeeded in keeping players involved in the GAA from
both clubs.

The arrangement is such that St. Catherine's (WMT/EgB) players remain associated with
their respective home clubs. The teams are coached by coaches from both clubs.

The team name originates from the St. Catherine's Park near Lucan where the
teams play their games.
The teams also play matches in Beechpark, Hunters Run and Westmanstown
Sports Grounds.

In 2015 there was one football team at U16.
The 2016 season saw St. Catherine's field football teams at U15, U16
and Minor grade, while the first Hurling team at U16 also fielded.
The composition of the teams varies by age group but the overall
involvement is 50/50 between the two clubs.

The 2020 season will see teams field at U16 and Minor for Football and hurling.

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