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Westmanstown Gaels - The Juvenile Section

Westmanstown Gaels are one of the newest juvenile sections s in Dublin 15, the club having been formed in 2004 when the Garda GAA Club opened its doors to the local community. Westmanstown Gaels is incorporated as the Juvenile Section of the Garda GAA Club and is a community based organisation, open to all.

The club's currently has in excess of three hundred members with hopes of continuing growth. We have a catchment area covering parts of North Lucan, Clonsilla and the new housing developments of Ongar and Hansfield. The Clubs members attend schools throughout the areas of Castleknock, Clonsilla, and Lucan with our Games Promotion Officer (GPO) working closely with schools in these areas.

During each sporting year we provide kids camps at Easter and Summer as many other GAA clubs have done. However, we have attracted some of the highest attendance figures in the Dublin area made up of existing members but more significantly many new persons not just to Westmanstown Gaels but to GAA. For a relatively young club we are making an impact.

 It is a very exciting time for our club at the moment as we recently reached the milestone of our 10th anniversary in September of 2014. The progress of our Juvenile teams has been beyond expectations and it is essential that we provide for them and their continued development.

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